Busana Muslimah TV9; Behind the Scene..

Inaz, model of the day~!! HAWTT~!! (left). Inaz, in gorgeous Kirana Retro collection. Banzai~!!(right)

In Turqoise Songket Tabur (left). Fantastic~!! In Dark Brown Songket Tabur (right)

Strike the pose~!! (left). In lacey Kurung; boo-hoo, sexy~!! (right)

Get out of the way, sistah~!!(left). TV9 crews, the tiny Datin Norjuma (yehaa~!!) & Kirana (right)

The mastermind; Kirana (right) n her sistah, Shashue & Location of the day; The Stonor Park. Millions dollar duplex. Sigh~!!

From right; Shashue a.k.a Farrah Fawcett, Inaz a.k.a Jaclyn Smith and Amy a.k.a Kate Jackson. Good morning Charlie~!!


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